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Family-owned and operated, DMV Construction Services is one of the leading subcontractors exclusively serving the Washington, DC Metro area.  The brothers, Lynwal Roye, Founder and CEO, and Joemo Roye, Founder and CEO have setup this company to be more of a diverse construction expertise includes multifamily residential, office, hospitality, senior living, mixed-use, interiors, parking garages, and higher-education projects. Our continued growth and success reflects our steadfast commitment to superior service and un-compromised integrity.

Our Story,  DMV Construction Services is a division of Faith and Hope Painting - a previously owned, the oldest full-service painting and handyman business in the Washington, DC Metro area established in 1996.  Our company has played a vital role in the construction community and has helped to shape the regional landscape. DMV Construction Services services clients in commercial construction industry, including major academic and cultural institutions,  and  services in RESIDENTIAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION, LIGHT COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION, COMMERCIAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION, HEAVY AND CIVIL COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION, HEAVY AND CIVIL COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION, MULTI-FAMILY CONSTRUCTION, INDUSTRIAL AND INSTITUTIONAL CONSTRUCTION platforms.

Our Mission

Our mission is to carry on the DMV Construction Services tradition of superior service and integrity in all we do. We bring a spirit of dedication and cooperation to each project, working collaboratively with clients, developers, general contractors and other subcontractors to achieve shared goals.  In addition to extensive technical expertise and years of experience, our team has exceptional skill in creative problem-solving, ensuring that we successfully steer projects from beginning to end and meet our clients’ highest expectations and project goals.


DMV Construction Services always look to provide continuity between pre-construction and construction, so that decisions made during project planning are accurately implemented from start to finish.  Pre-construction services are tailored to client’s needs, and include construct-ability reviews, phasing plans, scheduling, budgets and estimating—all of which increase in detail as the design phase progresses. 

Careful planning prior to the start of construction
provides the foundation on which every subsequent step is based. Addressing critical details during pre-construction frequently results in fewer construction-phase changes, reduced construction time, and cost savings. In addition, it ensures that the finished product meets a client’s needs. For the best results, we work closely with the client and design team. We develop and maintain accurate construction cost estimates as well as analyze scheduling, materials, building systems, and construction methods. We also seek input from our experts in such disciplines as our Team works to delivering quality services through to construction completion.  



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DMV Construction Services is a small minority owner Sub-Contractor that is well versed in sustainable construction.  Our knowledge helps the client reduce the environmental impact of the building over the span of the building's lifetime, while optimizing its economic viability and the comfort of the building's occupants. In addition, we deliver high-quality finished work to the interior and exterior of the building that projects luxury, and contemporary look. Our work is client-product visibility driven which drives you customer and residents to select you as their first choice in developing a business relationship from the services you provide to our developing communities.

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DMV Construction Services provides its clients with at-risk sub-contracting services to name a few. Our clients look to us because we are responsive, provide outstanding and quality services, and staff each project with a team that works in partnership with owners, architects, subcontractors, general contractors, developers and staff. DMV Construction Services offers a full range of sub-contracting services, start to finish -- from the early planning and design stages through construction, project completion, staging and closeout. Our employees are skilled and use proven management systems, outstanding business adequate and follow standing operating procedures to monitor project progress and ensure that project goals are being met in a progressive manner and on-time completion.

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• Safety assurance
• Change management
• Schedule development and control
• Quality control
• Standard Operating Procedures
• Surety bonding
• Cost monitoring and control
• Shop drawings and material submitting review
• Trade contractor management
• Site management 

Services include:

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